1. What factors should be considered when purchasing sanitary ware?
    • Glaze Brightness
    • Glaze quality
    • Glaze thickness on the product surface.
    • After sales service.
    • Reputation and experience of manufacturer.
  2. What factors should be considered when choosing a model?
    Installation area dimensions.
    • Valve position.
    • Waste outlet position.
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  3. How important is water absorption in sanitary ware?
    According to international standards water absorption must be less than 0.5%.
    If the water absorption value is more than allowable standard amount, it may lead
    to health issues and unpleasant odors.
  4. How can wavy glaze influence sanitary ware quality?
    Wavy surfaces detract from the beauty of the sanitary ware.
    • May cause problems with to the waste outlet.
    • May become stained, and cause health issues over time.
  5. What problems could occur as a result of cracks in the sanitary ware?
    Cracks increase the possibility of breakage and growth of harmful bacteria and mold.
  6. How does high quality glaze improve customer health?
    High quality glaze prevents water and waste being absorbed by the product, thereby protecting against the growth of harmful bacteria and molds, greatly improving hygiene.
  7. What are the advantages of high quality toilet?
    Not only high quality toilets are more hygienic, but also they are reducing the water required during each flush, thereby saving your money, and are also more quite.
  8. What is axis in non-Asian toilets?
    The distance between the wall behind the toilet to the center of outlet of syphon.
  9. What factors should be considered when purchasing and installing washbasin?
    Choosing the correct model is key, when purchasing pay special attention to installation area dimensions, water pipes, valves and outlet position.
  10. Beside appearance of products, what factors should be considered when purchasing and installing an Asian toilet?
    • Installation area dimension.
    • Compatibility of toilet height with installation area.
    • Type of toilet rim (open or box rim)
  11. Is your product available in whole Bangladesh?
    Yes. We deliver product anywhere in Bangladesh.
  12. Does your company export sanitary ware?
    Abul Khair Ceramic Industries Limited is an export oriented sanitary ware manufacturing project with the technical assistance from the world famous SACMI IMOLA of Italy.
  13. How many colors option do you have?
    We have five light colors – White, Ivory, light green, light blue and light Pink. We have two premium colors – Agate Red and Cambridge Blue.
  14. Do you have any design options?
    Yes. We have marble shade design options on all light colors.
  15. Is it important to know the toilet’s axis dimension prior to purchasing?
    The axis length is very important to installation. Purchasing a product with the wrong axis will prevent correct installation.
  16. What are the different toilet seat types?
    There are two types of toilet seats:
    Ordinary and soft close seat.
  17. What could be the reason for the flush knob not working?
    • Chain length is too long.
    • Lever getting stuck to the cistern wall.
  18. What could be the reason for the toilet not flushing?
    • Leaks as a result of faulty flush mechanism
    • Flow lever getting stuck
    • Draining mechanism not closing properly
  19. What is the cause of the dripping sound after flushing?
    Draining mechanism not closing properly
  20. What kinds of washing detergents should be used for cleaning sanitary ware products?
    All acidic cleaners can be used for cleaning Ceramic products.
  21. Is it possible to use regular sponges or metallic sponge pads for cleaning sanitary products?
    Regular sponges can be used without problems but metallic pads are not recommended for cleaning the sanitary ware products.
  22. What is the need for P/S traps and what is the difference between them?
    European type water closets have a built in water trap to prevent waste gases from entering the bathroom. Indian type or squatting type water closets require a separate water trap to be connected to the outlet. These water traps can be P type (outlet into the wall) or S type (outlet into the floor).
    From the maintenance point of view, there is no difference between the two. From installation point of view, for European type closet, P trap would normally be used in upper floors where the waste pipe is outside the wall. However these can also be used on ground floors if the pipeline for waste is on an outside wall.
    S Trap requires a pipeline to run below floor level and is therefore used on the ground floor or on upper floors if the roof slabs are made deep enough. S trap installation is more aesthetic as not much of the soil line is seen and it has the advantage of placing the closet against any wall, not necessarily an outside wall.
  23. What is water head?
    Water head is the vertical height of inlet of water supply from the bottom of the storage tank to the inlet of the Cistern.
    Do we need Cast Iron brackets for basins?
    Cast Iron brackets are not required if the pedestal takes the weight of the basin and the basin is erected to the wall for support. Today most basins have the provision for rag boltholes and if fitted with the rag bolt, wash basin do not require brackets or a pedestal for support.
  24. Why do smaller products of similar size vary extensively in prices?
    Un-branded sanitary ware products are made with basic process and quality controls and do not confirm to ISI mainly due to lack of vitrification of the product. Such products fired at low temperature may look glossy at the time of sale, but are likely to craze or crack because of water absorption.
    Similar looking product, which is made of Vitreous China is fired at high temperature (over 12000(Raise to 0) Centigrade) making the product non-absorbent or other words Vitreous China to achieve vitrification, the process controls need to be more stringent and the cost of firing is much higher resulting in higher prices.